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We love our cocktail mixes from Mr Consistent. All mixes are Vegan (excluding Bloody Mary cocktail mix) and are made from the freshest ingredients. 

Cocktail mixes make cocktails easy. Simply add desired alcohol and ice, shake and garnish. We've even got decorative fruit and dried golden floral garnishes.

Find out what alcohol works best with which mix.

Q. What alcohol do I add?

A. Totally depends on your preference of taste, but here is what I recommend:
COSMO - Vodka or Gin (Gin makes it slightly more dry)
SOURS - Amaretto for a sweeter taste, or Whisky or Spiced Rum for a more dry taste.
BLOODY MARY - Vodka (you can use Gin here too, if you like)
SANGRIA - Red Wine (top it up with 10mL of your fave spirit to make it more boozy!)
STITCH UP - White Rum or your favourite white spirit (Vodka, Gin, Coconut Tequila)
MIDNIGHT MARTINI - We recommend using Gin or Vodka to get the best tasting cocktail!
EL PEACHY - Tequila or Gin! 
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